Tanti Film Crime

Film Crime

  • 2021
    Guarda Great Freedom Streaming

    Great Freedom (2021)

    Great Freedom


    In post-war Germany, liberation by the Allies does not mean freedom for everyone. Hans Hoffmann is repeatedly imprisoned under Paragraph 175, which criminalizes homosexuality. Nevertheless, over the decades, he continues his quest for freedom and love, even if he finds it in the most unusual places.

    Guarda Great Freedom Streaming ITA
  • 2012
    Guarda Man on a Ledge Streaming

    Man on a Ledge (2012)

    Man on a Ledge


    An ex-cop turned con threatens to jump to his death from a Manhattan hotel rooftop. The NYPD dispatch a female police psychologist to talk him down. However, unbeknownst to the police on the scene, the suicide attempt is a cover for the biggest diamond heist ever pulled.

    Guarda Man on a Ledge Streaming ITA
  • 2023
    Guarda The Passenger Streaming

    The Passenger (2023)

    The Passenger


    Randolph Bradley is perfectly content fading into the background, but when his coworker Benson snaps and goes on a violent killing spree, he’s forced to face his fears and confront his troubled past in order to find a way to survive.

    Guarda The Passenger Streaming ITA
  • 2009
    Guarda Polytechnique Streaming

    Polytechnique (2009)



    A dramatization of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 where several female engineering students were murdered by an unstable misogynist.

    Guarda Polytechnique Streaming ITA
  • 1995
    Guarda Clockers Streaming

    Clockers (1995)



    Strike is a young city drug pusher under the tutelage of drug lord Rodney Little. When a night manager at a fast-food restaurant is found with four bullets in his body, Strike’s older brother turns himself in as the killer. Detective Rocco Klein doesn’t buy the story, however, setting out to...

    Guarda Clockers Streaming ITA
  • 2020
    Guarda Blood and Money Streaming

    Blood and Money (2020)

    Blood and Money


    A retired veteran hunting in the Allagash backcountry of Maine discovers a dead woman with a duffle bag full of money. He soon finds himself in a web of deceit and murder.

    Guarda Blood and Money Streaming ITA
  • 2006
    Guarda Like Minds Streaming

    Like Minds (2006)

    Like Minds


    A forensic psychologist must determine if a minor should be charged with murder.

    Guarda Like Minds Streaming ITA
  • 2008
    Guarda Bangkok Dangerous Streaming

    Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

    Bangkok Dangerous


    When carrying out a hit, assassin Joe always makes use of the knowledge of the local population. On arriving in Bangkok, Joe meets street kid Kong and he becomes his primary aide. But when Kong is nearly killed, he asks Joe to train him up in the deadly arts and unwittingly becomes a target of a...

    Guarda Bangkok Dangerous Streaming ITA
  • 2008
    Guarda The Spirit Streaming

    The Spirit (2008)

    The Spirit


    A Rookie cop named Denny Colt returns from the beyond as The Spirit, a hero whose mission is to fight against the bad forces from the shadows of Central City. The Octopus, who kills anyone unfortunate enough to see his face, has other plans; he is going to wipe out the entire city.

    Guarda The Spirit Streaming ITA
  • 2022
    Guarda Gasoline Alley Streaming

    Gasoline Alley (2022)

    Gasoline Alley


    A man implicated in the triple homicide of three Hollywood starlets begins his own investigation. Needing assistance, he enlists the two detectives on his tail in order to expose a conspiracy more explosive than any of them imagined.

    Guarda Gasoline Alley Streaming ITA
  • 2005
    Guarda Oliver Twist Streaming

    Oliver Twist (2005)

    Oliver Twist


    Oliver Twist the modern filmed version of Charles Dickens bestseller, a Roman Polanski adaptation. The classic Dickens tale, where an orphan meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master.

    Guarda Oliver Twist Streaming ITA
  • 1997
    Guarda Fireworks Streaming

    Fireworks (1997)



    Detective Nishi is relieved from a stakeout to visit his sick wife in hospital. He is informed that she is terminally ill, and is advised to take her home. During his visit, a suspect shoots one detective dead and leaves Nishi's partner, Horibe, paralyzed. Nishi leaves the police force to spend...

    Guarda Fireworks Streaming ITA
  • 2008
    Guarda Hero Wanted Streaming

    Hero Wanted (2008)

    Hero Wanted


    Liam Case is a garbage man whose life hasn't quite turned out the way he expected it would. In order to impress the girl of his dreams, Liam plans an elaborate heist that will culminate with him jumping in to save the day at the last minute. When the day of the heist arrives, however, the plan...

    Guarda Hero Wanted Streaming ITA
  • 2021
    Guarda The Stronghold Streaming

    The Stronghold (2021)

    The Stronghold


    A police brigade works in the dangerous northern neighborhoods of Marseille, where the level of crime is higher than anywhere else in France.

    Guarda The Stronghold Streaming ITA
  • 2010
    Guarda Brighton Rock Streaming

    Brighton Rock (2010)

    Brighton Rock


    Charts the headlong fall of Pinkie, a razor-wielding disadvantaged teenager with a religious death wish.

    Guarda Brighton Rock Streaming ITA
  • 2019
    Guarda The Good Liar Streaming

    The Good Liar (2019)

    The Good Liar


    Career con man Roy sets his sights on his latest mark: recently widowed Betty, worth millions. And he means to take it all. But as the two draw closer, what should have been another simple swindle takes on the ultimate stakes.

    Guarda The Good Liar Streaming ITA
  • 2014
    Guarda Blue Ruin Streaming

    Blue Ruin (2014)

    Blue Ruin


    When the quiet life of a beach bum is upended by dreadful news, he sets off for his childhood home to carry out an act of vengeance. However, he proves an inept assassin and finds himself in a brutal fight to protect his estranged family.

    Guarda Blue Ruin Streaming ITA
  • 2021
    Guarda Monster Streaming

    Monster (2021)



    The story of Steve Harmon, a 17-year-old honor student whose world comes crashing down around him when he is charged with felony murder.

    Guarda Monster Streaming ITA
  • 2006
    Guarda 16 Blocks Streaming

    16 Blocks (2006)

    16 Blocks


    An aging cop is assigned the ordinary task of escorting a fast-talking witness from police custody to a courthouse, but they find themselves running the gauntlet as other forces try to prevent them from getting there.

    Guarda 16 Blocks Streaming ITA
  • 2012
    Guarda 6 Bullets Streaming

    6 Bullets (2012)

    6 Bullets


    An ex-mercenary known for finding missing children is hired by a mixed martial arts fighter whose daughter has been kidnapped.

    Guarda 6 Bullets Streaming ITA